An in depth review on the Too Faced born this way foundation.

I’ve been lusting over the Too Faced born this way foundation for so long, I first spotted it on Katie Snooks’ channel and I’ve seen a few other influencers mention it since then. I’ve always been a little hesitant to fork out on high-end foundations but if you read my last post, you’ll know I managed to get this one for free by using my ‘Glossy credit’ so it was a complete win-win. I thought I’d do a little review here for you on how this holds up for me.

My specifics

I just want to mention my specifics here for you because the finish of a product ultimately relies on; skin types, base and application methods. I’ve listed below anything you may need to know about me.

Skin Type – For a while now I’ve thought my skin is combination, but I actually think it’s just sensitive and a touch dry in places. Some products do make my skin oily however so I am mindful of that when choosing products.

Products used – I don’t use a primer because I find some of them just cling to dry areas or can make my skin feel so oily, perhaps I’ve just not found my perfect match yet. I just apply my usual moisturiser (soaked in) as a base and an extra layer if my skin needs it. I was using a Real techniques blending sponge which gave me a medium finish but I found the Real Techniques expert face brush gave me the best finish, which was more full and even. I Layered the foundation with the maybelline master fix foundation & the Revolution base fix setting mist.

The Packaging & The product
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review.

As expected from Too Faced the packaging is utterly dreamy. A frosted glass bottle with gold touches to it and their classic TF stamp on the black lid. The foundation is dispensed by a pump which I prefer personally.

The product itself boasts a natural undetectable finish, which is oil-free (The dream if you do struggle with oily skin). It also contains coconut water which is supposed to hydrate as well as Alpine rose for the skins ‘health and resilience’ and lastly, Hyaluronic acid which gives a ‘smooth, youthful appearance’. I do find this hydrating and it does feel light on the skin as well.

The Application

As I mentioned in my specifics, I did begin applying this with a blending sponge which is almost always my go-to however with the sponge I was getting a very medium coverage and I didn’t feel like it was giving me the best finish so I switched it out for the Real Techniques expert face brush and I’m so happy with the results I got from it. The Foundation applies well and I found it really easy to blend as well. It’s a lovely consistency as well, which is always a bonus.

The shade range.
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation – Snow

This foundation does boast 31 shades which isn’t as diverse as brands such as Fenty beauty or revolution but it is still a healthy amount of shades. I used the Too Faced foundation shade finder which recommended me the shade ‘Snow’. I do think my shade fits me really nicely.

My overall summary on the Too Faced Born this way foundation.

This foundation has a lovely matte finish to it. As someone who is used to using drugstore foundations the stay power of this has knocked me off my feet a little, I tend to only need to touch it up after about 5/6 hours. I find it stays looking fresh. However, after around 8 hours I find it starts to crease and I won’t lie to you, when it does start to wear off it’s a bit all or nothing some days it has just worn off a little where as other days it’s really clung to dry areas and worn off other places. It really just depends for me which I found after a few weeks I wasn’t as excited to use it because it was a bit of a gamble as to if it was going to stay or not.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation Review.

I honestly think this foundation is good. I’m such a fusspot with foundations though like I always expect perfection which of course isn’t practical. The foundation works for me and I’d happily use it if I knew I was going to have the time to touch it up but I might go for something else if I couldn’t guarantee that touch up. The pros of this foundation are that it applies well, it’s hydrating and the finish is lovely. The only cons I’ve found is that if you build it up too much it can appear cakey and occasionally when it wears off it is all or nothing, and I found I have to apply it in very thin layers, I can’t just pump the product straight on like I usually would with a foundation, I definitely recommend a little at a time. Although, overall I do recommend trying this foundation and it’s something I’d definitely try again.

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3 thoughts on “An in depth review on the Too Faced born this way foundation.

  1. This product has been my main foundation for two years! I’ve gone back to drugstore stuff occasionally and hate that, and am relieved when I can go back to it because like you said, the coverage is wild. I find it applies easier with a brush, too, but when I put it on with the beauty blender it then stays for longer. 🙂 Great review!


    1. It’s a good foundation overall and I agree it’s the coverage that pulled me in mainly as well I loved the finish of it with a brush but It always seemed to separate on my oily areas and I’d have to re-apply which sucked but other than that I loved it!.
      Charlie xx


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