3 tips for creating the perfect Spring pamper night.

Feeling drained after that long winter?, Me too. Honestly, Winter felt like it lasted decades this year. With 2020 bringing a little bit of a rocky start, I hope Spring will bring a little optimism for all of us. For me a good self-care night helps me to feel refreshed, even on the worst days and for today’s post I’ve put together the ultimate pamper guide for you tailored to spring, I hope it helps you conquer the week ahead.

Creating a relaxing environment for your pampering

I find a bath bomb so relaxing after a long day.
A little tidy…

I’m starting with this one because for me, I can’t relax if the place is messy and I feel like I’m much more relaxed when my space is tidy. Now, not to worry I’m not about to suggest you pull out the marigolds and feather duster, personally I just pop away my clothes off my floordrobe, pick up any random little bits, make the bed and light a little candle.

A few indulgent touches

Usually if I’m feeling completely exhausted all I want to do is jump in the shower and just climb into bed. However, we’re all about pampering tonight so pull out all the stops for yourself; light a few candles in the bathroom, bring out your best products and run a nice warm bath. You can add anything you like but my go to is a good lush bath bomb; I love the ones with flowers in but quite honestly if I want an indulgent bath I either bring out the butterball or the Ceridwens cauldron to soothe my skin.

Gather all your favourite products

Gather all your favourite pamper products.

For my facial skincare I usually opt for the Neutrogena range; the daily scrub and oil free moisturiser make the perfect duo. I will usually go for a sheet mask as well, I’m not too fussy with these, whatever I have to hand will do usually.

Forin my bath I usually use the Soap and Glory ‘call of fruity’ range, this fruity (but not sickly) scent really lifts my mood, The scrub and Shower gel are usually my go-to duo. My body lotion of choice at the moment is the Vaseline cocoa range but as it’s coming up to Spring I fancy a little colour in my skin so I’m going to reach for the Garnier summer glow lotion, this isn’t as full on as my St.Tropez making it perfect for Spring.


If my hair is looking a little dry I’ll use a hair mask in place of my normal conditioner, Currently I reach for the Garnier ultimate blends masks I do have a few different types of these and they’ve never failed me, I absolutely love them and they’re so affordable.

Before drying my hair I like to run through a small amount of Moroccan oil as well as a tiny amount of the Loreal no haircut cream and after a quick spritz of the Tresemme heat defence spray I let my hair dry 3/4 of the way before drying (to reduce breakage).

Taking some time out

Meditation has helped with my anxieties a lot.
A good series/ film.

I think one of the most important parts of self care for me is taking that time away from everything. I usually go for a film if I want to switch off. Recently (on Netflix) I watched the new p.s to all the boys I’ve loved before, the original ‘to all the boys I’ve loved before’ and also the perfect date is a great film as well.


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been giving meditation a try. Mainly as a way to calm my anxiety but it’s really helpful for relaxing in general. I use the Calm app, it has so many different guided meditations which have really helped me and I really recommend the app if you just need to switch off and chill.

An early night

You may roll your eyes at this one but we do all need our rest and what better time to grab an early night than when you’ve spent the evening relaxing.

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