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New in my beauty collection – Spring.

Am I the only one spending 99% of my time during lockdown just online shopping? I hope not. I feel like so much of my daily staples are running really low so I placed a couple of small orders on Boots & ASOS of bits I really need (you may remember we talked about my impulsive spending) and I thought I’d share what’s new in my beauty collection with you.

New in my Make-up collection

Base Make-up
New in make-up
Revolution sugar & spice blush palette, Real Techniques blending sponge, Maybelline fit me foundation, NYX radiant setting spray.

So in terms of make-up, there’s a few little bits I needed to re-stock on and the first thing I was desperate for was foundation. I picked out the Maybelline fit me foundation which sounds pretty promising, It’s for combination skin which I find can be a little hit or miss but I’m going to give it a chance anyway and see how I go with it. I also picked up some fresh blending sponges (it’s gotta be done, hasn’t it).

Next, I picked up some concealer and I could only get the Max Factor ‘Master touch’ Concealer. I’m not that excited about this one, I went for the shade ‘Fair’ and it’s just so dark. I might be able to use it to contour just so it’s not wasted.

Another thing that decided to run out was my setting spray, I went for the NYX professional make-up radiant finishing spray. I’ve decided to go for a non-matte setting spray purely because my foundation and everything is matte so I just want a little glow in there and that can be achieved so easily with a setting spray.

I’ve got really into using blush recently as well which I’ve just never really done, I saw this Revolution blush palette in ‘Sugar and Spice’ and I just can’t, it’s beautiful.

I also spotted a good ol’ sale on Morphe and I just couldn’t resist. I picked up an eye brush set which was £13 down from £29 and the Jaclyn hill ‘ring the alarm palette’ for £8 down from £16. I was telling everyone to go and look through their sale and grab a bargain and they do still have a few bits on the sale if you fancy a nosey.

New in my Skincare collection

New in skincare
Bayliss & Harding coconut and watermelon bubble bath, Vaseline intensive care lotion.

I picked up 2 bits in terms of skincare. I was desperate for some moisturiser because I’ve been trying to use this every night at the moment, I just went for the Vaseline essential healing moisturise. This moisturiser is really affordable and it’s just ideal for daily use.

I’ve been desperate for some Lush bath bombs but I’m going to wait for that little luxury and for now I’ve just picked up a bubble bath which is something I haven’t used in such a long time. I’ve picked up the Bayliss and Harding watermelon and coconut bubble bath which smells amazing, I can’t wait to use this.

New in my Haircare collection

New in Haircare
Batiste dry shampoo in fresh.

I only had to get one thing for my hair which was dry shampoo, because I’ve been going through a tonne (classic). I’m getting so lazy with washing my hair it’s terrible so it’s always handy to just have a little can to hand for in-between washes, I just went for the original Batiste and I’m now thinking I should have ordered one of the big cans.

Have you been buying goodies during lockdown?x

7 thoughts on “New in my beauty collection – Spring.”

  1. The Maybelline Fit Me foundation works quite nicely on the skin but I’ll warn you beforehand, Maybelline products tend to expire quite quickly (according to my experience) so in about let’s say 5-8 months, the foundation will start getting super cakey on the face, giving it this weird flaky and greyish texture. I’d totally recommend not trying to save this product for a long time period!! Oh and the Maybelline FIt Me face powder is nice too! I’ve only had this problem with the foundation and the maybelline primer

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    1. I do like it as a foundation and wow, I never knew that. It’s a shame really because it’s a lovely foundation and you dont really need all that much of it because it has great coverage so that’s not ideal. Thnakyou for the warning!.

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