15 Shows on Netflix worth binging

What a perfect time to indulge in a new series when we’re literally stuck at home?. In my most recent post I chatted about little ways to pass the time which aren’t scrolling through social media and I think a good ol’ series is one of the best ways. I’m finding I’m running out of things to watch at this point so if you have any recommendations please let me know!. I thought I’d share with you today some of my absolute favourite series in case you fancied a little binge!.

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  1. Grace & Frankie – My go-to for if I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious and I just need a show that doesn’t take a lot of focus but is also uplifting, This is always on my continue watching.
  2. Jane the virgin – I’ve probably watched this about 11 times (I know), I could easily watch it again, It’s the perfect telenovela.
  3. Celebs go dating – I’m putting this one in, but I mainly recommend the first couple series which I think there’s only season 2 on Netflix anyway but after the first few I just started to get bored of it.
  4. Gavin and Stacey – To be fair to me, I was addicted to this before I even knew Netflix existed (my sister used to have the box set and we just used to watch it constantly) so it’s so nice to re-watch it time to time on Netflix.
  5. The Good Place – It took me a while to get into this one but once I did I didn’t want it to end and the ending made me cry (no shame).
  6. Girl Boss – This show, I just fell in love with it. I’ve watched it like 3 times.
  7. Money Heist  –  A little different to my last suggestions but this is one of those where you’re up until 4am binging, it’s so addictive.
  8. The Stranger – Another that’s a little different for me and another that you’ll most definitley binge until 4am. So many plot twists.
  9. Travels with my father – I’ve absolutely loved Jack Whitehall since bad education and when I first watched this I finished it in 3 days and then watched it like 5 more times. I’d love them to do another series of this.
  10. Brooklyn 99 – I think everyone’s heard of this but it’s just an easy watch, it’s funny, light hearted and it’s perfect for just popping on when you want something you don’t have to pay too much attention too.
  11. The Big Bang Theory – Another one like Brooklyn 99, I watched most of these when I was younger (I was obsessed) and then the most recent ones, the ending made me sob. This ones just, one of my favourites.
  12. Dead to me – This one I think is fairly new?, I could be wrong. This show is just gripping.
  13. Suits – Another classic. I binged this in about a week and I rewatched it once, I just loved all the characters in this and it ended so nicely.
  14. Instant Hotel – This was a bit of a guilty pleasure and it doesn’t fit in with anything else I watched but I absolutely loved this, essentially an Australian version of 4 in a bed but with air b&b’s.
  15. Dynasty – One of the richest families in the world, family dramas and too rich for their own good (what could go wrong). I loved this one, I’ve not seen the most recent ones so I need to catch up on those but I definitely reccomend it.

What have you been binging on Netflix?.

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4 thoughts on “15 Shows on Netflix worth binging

  1. Hey! I find these posts so interesting as I guess I love finding out what other people are watching! I loved dead to me and the stranger, recently just finished watching White Lines and Queen of the South and loved them, deffo worth checking them out 🙂


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