A much needed self-care day/night

Last post I chatted about my goals for June, I made one of those goals was to start focusing a little more on my general self-care. I’m writing this on Friday and I’ve had a much needed day off where I had my second session of therapy and since that, I generally haven’t moved from the sofa. My boyfriend has made me about 20 cups of tea like the good egg he is and I came to the conclusion that I needed a pick me up, so I sat and had a little think about what I needed in that moment.

incense and white candles on a stool
Photo by Elly Fairytale on Pexels.com

The first conclusion I came too was that I really wanted a bit of a pamper. I ran a bath, lit a candle and gathered all my favourite products, the only thing I was missing was a good ol’ Lush bath bomb because I’m trying to save money, but I can live without it (just about). I had a nice long bath whilst watching Lydia Millen’s new vlog and a good hair wash as well which really helped so I wish I’d have done that sooner, If you like to see what I generally use in my pamper nights I wrote a post a couple months ago about it.

I need to eat something relatively good for me so I made myself a nice jacket potato and a huge salad this might not sound overly ‘pampering’ to anyone else but cooking is usually a big no for me, I rarely have that motivation and when I do I want something from the freezer that takes 20 minutes so to stand and make something, it was really nice for me and I needed to do it.

I’m planning to watch Master chef later (purely for Jack Whitehall) and eat a lot of treats before bed. I also want to plan a couple of blog posts to give me some inspiration and have a little shop for some skincare bits, so a lovely chilled night to come.

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