All Beauty haul

I mentioned in one of my recent posts that a ‘all beauty’ haul was on it’s way and it’s here!. I’m so excited to give you a little nosey at what I picked up to restock my beauty stash!. I haven’t really shopped on all beauty before so this is my first proper haul with them and I’m actually pretty impressed. They offered quick delivery and everything came packaged well and their prices are really good, so they’re worth the look if you haven’t tried them yet!. So lets dive into the haul


I’m going to start with the make-up section of this one and I’m kicking it off with two things I’ve had my eye on for what feels like ages.

Bare MineralsFoundation – Bare pro.

As soon as I got onto this website I took a B line straight to the Bare Minerals bare pro liquid foundation. This isn’t something I’ve tried before but I’ve seen it around a lot and after reading the reviews I had to get it, it sounds incredible. I didn’t actually realise they were such a popular brand, I’m really looking forward to trying it.

Benefit precisely my brow pencil – shade 4

The next (and last) makeup product I picked up was the Benefit Precisely my brow pencil (does anyone else just love this?). I went for the mini of this because I wanted to suss out my shade. I went for number 4 and if it works perfectly for me in terms of the shade. I’ve already got my eye on the full size, I’ve been using this for a week or two now and I’ll definitley be buying the full size, the shade is perfect for me as well which is a bonus.


In terms of my haircare, It’s all a new (to me) brand which I discovered in a Glossybox. As someone with curly hair I really struggle to find products that compliment my curls rather than dry my hair out and cause me frizz so when I tried this brand I knew it was going to be my new go-to.

Mystic black, Novex hair mask.

So this is actually the main product I tried which was the Novex Mystic black hair mask and I liked it so much, I ordered a 1kg tub of it!. This just really did my hair the world of good, My curls came out and it felt so nice which it hasn’t done for such a long time, I was sold!.

Mystic black, Novex shampoo & Conditioner

So sticking on that theme, I couldn’t not get the shampoo and conditioner to this set. I can’t say I’ve actually tried these ones yet but if they’re anything like the mask I have high hopes.

Mystic Black Novex leave in conditioner.

And last it not least, when I saw the leave in conditioner, I thought I may as well get the whole set. It just sounds like such a promising brand and I can’t wait to work them into my hair routine.

Have you tried any of these products?.

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