The Revolution palette you need this Halloween and 6 Looks to use it with

We might not get to enjoy our usual traditions this Halloween but whether you’re sticking to your usual traditions or even creating some new ones (please let me know), I’m certain the one thing that’ll remain the same is our overall love for fancy dress and makeup around the spooky season. I wanted to share with you today the palette I always gravitate towards for Halloween and whats better? It’s only £10!.

Revolution X Roxi Colour Burst Palette

Revolution Roxi colour burst palette – RRP £10

Roxi X Revolution Colour Burst Palette Shades

As soon as I saw this palette it was in my basket ready for Halloween make-up last year. It’s affordable and if you know Revolution as a brand their products really are good quality for the price. As you can tell mines been pretty well used.This colour burst palette has such good potential for Halloween and 3 looks I think it’d work well for are;

  • Pumpkin Inspired looks – I think you could use the shades Lemonade, Bang Bang, Red Velvet, Cocoa and finish it off with a touch of Golden hour.
  • Angel or Devil looks – I think you could create a lovely Angel vs Devil look with this palette using the shade blue lagoon, twilight and sky for your angel and go in with bang bang, red velvet and royal for your devil side.
  • Bat wing inspired looks- I saw so many of these batwing liner looks last year and a lot of them had a lovely orange base to them and I think Lemonade and Bang bang Are perfect for this.
  • Cobweb inspired looks – this palette has some lovely shades of purple (Lavender and memories) along with a nice navy blue (Twilight) and I think it’d make such a Gorgeous Purple base to add a nice big ‘eyeliner cobweb’ too.
  • Green & Purple cut crease – I saw a look on Pinterest where the look was a classic purple cut crease with a green touch on the bottom lash line and it was stunnning. I think this palette would be great for this and the shade Dinosaur would look amazing on the lower lash line.
  • Harley Quinn inspired looks- This I think is one of those looks that was really used back in 2016 but I still love it. I think the pinks in here (Peaches, Fetch and princess) would match up perfectly with the blues (Blue lagoon and a little of twilight maybe even blend a little of sky over the lid ) for this look.

I think this palette is the perfect ‘all rounder’ for Halloween and what I love most about it is it’s perfect for day-to-day as well so you really get your use out of it. I think the shades in here just work so well for this time of year, the pigments good and the glitters are lovely and as always with Revolution the shadows blend out so lovely.

What’s your go to palette for Halloween?

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