Little self care habits i’m starting in 2021

!TW. This post contains refrences to low moods

Even though my self care habits are things which keep me feeling my best, in times of stress or even low moods they’re generally the first thing which starts sort of being fotgotten about. After I started a journey of self love and care last year, I’d really like to carry on with that in 2021. I’m not going to call these goals because I don’t really want that pressure side of that, but I thought I’d share with you today the self care habits I’m bringing into 2021.

Keeping on top of Skincare and Pampering

This one is usually the one that takes the most effort when I’m feeling low so it’s usually the first to drop off, but I’m hoping to turn that aroud. What I’d really like to do is set aside one night a week to fully have a pamper day… face masks, films, a nice bath just whatever I need on that day. Day to day I’ll be happy with myself if I keep on top of my skincare routines etc.

Eating well and taking Vitamins daily

So far this year I am already smashing this one which I’m so happy with myself for. The aim is simple to eat 3 meals each day even if they’re small so long as they’re nutritional as well as taking one of my vitamins a day. I’m finding lots of recipie ideas off of Pinterest and I’m also looking at recipies which I can just chuck in the slow cooker. Last year I struggled a little with this due to having little energy to cook but so far, so good this year.

Calling friends & family back home more

So last year collectively was the year of Zoom calls but I did struggle with calling back home.This year I’m trying to make the effort to call every few weeks orso to check in, I think we can all become a little to dependent on messaging but it’s nice to call and check in, even if it’s only a half an hour call.

Is there any self care habits you’re bringing into 2021 with you?

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2 thoughts on “Little self care habits i’m starting in 2021

    1. Thank you!. I’m the same with keeping in touch, it’s something which is so easily forgotten. I agree, I almost always see a change in my mood from before & after a catch up as well! A definite mood booster😊 xx

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