my skincare routine tips

For the longest time, my skincare routine was largely a face wipe and a quick moisturise (if I was lucky) and whilst that does do the job, I decided I wanted to incorporate a few different products into my skincare stash and build more of a routine for that. I finally feel like I’m pretty on top of my routine at the moment after plenty of trial and error and I thought I’d share my skincare routine tips with you today.

Learn about your skin type to find your products

I wanted to chat about this one first because I think its the most important. It’s all well and good buying lots of products but if they don’t compliment your skin type you might find they don’t work for you. There’s a couple of sites here to help you determine this one such as; Nivea, Superdrug and The Body Shop but you can do a quick google and find more about it if you still aren’t sure. My skin type is combination so it’s oily in places and dry in others and knowing this helps me to know what sort of products I need to keep my skin calm.

Always do your research

So staying on the same line here, once you have your skin type in mind it’s a pretty good idea to start researching what sort of products might work for you, there’s usually hundreds of the same sort of products such as Cleanser for example which is where your research is going to help you a tonne. You can simply do by either; Search engines, Pinterest or blogs/youtube with people who have your skin type. I feel like this just gives you a better idea of what brands might work best for you. For someone with combination skin, I use a lot of Garnier and my ‘add-in bits’ such as face masks and serums etc are usually either Loreal, The Body Shop and I also really like Soap And Glory and Simple.

Trial and Error

So obviously there’s going to be so many suggestions for your skincare out there and this is where trial and errors going to help you a tonne. I do appreciate this one can be pricey and I do recommend you look for tester sizes first or also travel size bottles of things help try products (Superdrug and boots usually have whole isles of these) and it’s a lot cheaper than full-size products to start with, even gift sets can work out cheaper some times. If you’re on a budget take advantage of offers and if you have any loyalty cards be sure to take advantage of that too. For me, this is how I find my staples mainly and I recommend doing it if your budget allows.

Don’t Overload your skin to start with

This one I think is pretty important. So when you’re switching up your skincare I know it’s tempting to just use every product at once but if your skin reacts to the one you may not be able to single out which product has caused that, so I think it’s really important to start simple and then add stuff in, This way you can see how your skin reacts to each product. For me, I’m more likely to keep a routine this way as well as it feels more simple.

I hope this helped a little bit and also don’t put too much pressure on yourself with it, it’s absolutely fine if you can’t be bothered one day, I usually set aside ten minutes when I get in from work to take my makeup off in the evening and it’s usually what I do in the morning with my cup of tea so I think it helps to have a time in mind where you’re going to take the time to go and do your skincare. Whatever works for you is best!.

Do you have any tips for skincare routines?

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