My top 5 handcreams for dry skin.

Is anyone else struggling really bad with dry skin currently?. With all the extra washing and sanitising we’re keeping up with our hands have needed a little care more than ever and as someone whos suffered with dry hands for a few years now, I’ve found a few hand creams that have really become staples in my skincare routine and if you suffer with dry skin they’re definitely worth a try.

Garnier body repair hand cream dry skin RRP £3.99 on offer for £1.96

This is the first one I’m going to recommend because it’s the one that healed my hands the most. During the first lockdown I was washing my hands so, so much and then on top of that it was bringing out my eczema (Do go careful if you do have eczema with this one though it can sting if you’ve had a really bad flare up). This thick balmy hand cream did wonders for my chapped dry skin regardless, I was mainly using it before bed because it’s so thick and it takes a little time to soak in but once it has you can really feel the difference. For £1.96 you really can’t go wrong!.

The Body Shop hand creams RRP £5

These are such a staple for me, I think they’re the perfect ‘carry around in your bag’ hand cream to use through the day and around your more intensive hand creams. They’re really hydrating and they smell amazing, as well as not doing too greasy. For dry skin I’d recommend the Shea butter or the coconut Scent but they’re all lovely. I’ve heard the hemp one is amazing for dry skin but it’s something I’m yet to try.

Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand and nail cream RRP £4.49

I’ve been using this one for the last couple of months at work and I’m really happy with it. It soaks in quickly and it hydrates really nicely. I have seen a little growth in my nails but its hard to put it down to this specifically because I’ve been using a mixture as well as a separate nail strengthener but I am still really happy with this hand cream and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Soap and Glory hand food hand cream RRP £6

I couldn’t get through this without talking about my all time favourite which is the Soap and Glory Hand Food. This hand cream ticks every box for me it’s moisturising without being greasy and as a huge bonus it smells lovely. I was always worried that a scent like this would flare up my eczema but it actually doesn’t, it’s lovely. It also really Helps with a nail growth I’ve noticed. It’s £6 for the largest bottle but you can get a smaller bottle for £3 which is the one I usually grab.

Nivea soft moisturising cream RRP £2.79

Nivea is a brand I’ve recently started using again after a few years and I really love it. I picked up this hand cream a few months ago and I was so surprised with how nice it was for the price, you can use it on your body and face as well so it ‘s handy to have in your bag. It really does make your skin so lovely and soft, it’s super moisturising and it absorbs so quickly. This is perfect if you want a new hand cream but want to save a little money.

Do you have any hand creams that stand out to you from this year?.

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