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Revolution pro foundation drops review – could this replace my high end foundations?

I only ever used to buy my foundation from the drugstore growing up, mainly because I was pretty skint and I didn’t really know any different and whilst the dream matte mousse and the classic Rimmel stay matte (which I still rate btw) served me well in my teens, I did start to sway towards mid & higher end foundations as I grew up. I haven’t really tried many drugstore foundations in the last couple of years but I seen these Revolution pro drops and they just really intrigued me, so I thought I’d give them a shot and even though I wasn’t expecting miracles they’ve made it here for a review. So are they enough to replace my current favourites?.

Revolution Pro Foundation Drops Review


So let’s start with the packaging. The actual outer package is pretty cute, it’s a frosted glass bottle with a little dropper which I can’t say I’ve seen before in a foundation. The bottle seems pretty small but I’ve been using them for a couple of months now and it’s hardly gone down.


The consistency of it is pretty watery which was quite new to me as I’m someone who tends to buy pretty thick foundations with pumps (There’s been a pair of leggings ruined from my accuracy with the dropper). This was also the main thing that put me off, I thought it was going to be a nightmare to apply but I like it, I find for me it works better with a brush, I use the Real Techniques buffing brush but Revolution do have their own specifically for this foundation which I do want to try out, I find a beauty blender just soaks this up.

In terms of layering and building on this, it works well, It hardly budges if I do a second layer and it stays pretty put when I’m applying concealer, powder and even bronzer/blush which is a huge win.

Revolution pro foundation drops packaging

Shade Range

The shade range seems okay, they have 17 different shades, I use the F1 shade, it doesn’t oxidise that I’ve noticed, it looks pretty natural, to be honest.


This is the area that shocked me the most. When I saw the consistency of this I just thought there’s no way this is going to work for me in terms of coverage and I completely take that back because this coverage is amazing. I get this to a ‘medium’ converse but it covers most of my redness and breakouts and I only need a touch of concealer on top.

Revolution pro foundation drops consistency.


This was another area that put me off trying this foundation (it was left in my drawer sealed for about a month whilst I got every last drop from my born this way foundation) I just couldn’t see it lasting and I just thought it’d slide off my face and end up patchy within a couple of hours. I was quite wrong. This lasts well for me, I do use a primer and setting spray with it just t note but it stays put for the whole time I’m at work or out which is usually a good few hours so I’m really happy with that side of it.

So all in all this foundation is going to become a staple for me, I do generally think this has outdone most of the foundations I’ve tried and I love the brand anyway, Makeup revolution are crueltyty free as well which is something I do want more of in my beauty stash. Have you tried these foundation drops before?.

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