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B&M Beauty Finds

It’s no surprise that I love a B&M trip, I mean where else would I be able to buy a new bed, a cat tree, a tub of paint, a new mascara and a bag of Haribo’s in one place?. I knew B&M did have a beauty section but it wasn’t something I’ve looked at properly but last week I picked up a few beauty bits and I thought I’d share with you what I found.

B&M beauty haul

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Max Factor False Lash Effect

I’m coming to the end of my current mascara (classic great lash if anyone’s wondering) and I’ve been wanting to pick up a new one. I saw this one in B&M for around £4 and I grabbed it straight the way, Max factors mascaras are usually around the £7/£8 mark so this was quite a saving and I’m very happy about it. They had other ones in there as well, I spotted a Maybelline lash sensational in there for £4 which is one of my favourites.

Neutrogena refreshingly clear face wash

Neutrogena refreshingly clear face wash

I like Neutrogena as a brand and I’ve used their face washes before and they have helped to improve my skin in the past so as soon as I saw this I grabbed it. I’m struggling a little at the moment with breakouts and I’ve already used this a couple of times and it just gives you that fresh feeling, my skin felt so clean after using this and it smells incredible omg.

Body Glow by Skinny tan (light)

Body Glow. By, Skinny Tan

I’ve heard good things about skinny tan so I thought I’d give this a go. I do like a good old fake tan but in the last year with all the hand washing and sanitising my hands have been super dry and for me, dry skin and fake tan haven’t mixed well (I usually use a tanning mousse), it tends to go patchy on dry areas so I though a lotion could be a good alternative, I could be wrong but for £3 I thought you can’t go wrong

Schwarzkopf Got2b heat protection

Got 2 Be Guardian Angel Heat Protect

I use heat on my hair most days and when I went to get my hair cut the other day (which was so, so overdue) my hairdresser mentioned to me that I may want to add in a heat protectant to my routine on top of my usual Morrocan oil I’m not too sure what’s good in terms of brands for this as I don’t use them but I saw this one and I thought I’d give it a go. It just seems like your standard heat protection spray and I think my hair will thank me for it.

Miss So Sugar Rush Perfume Mist

Miss So, Sugar Rush Mist.

I just finished the last of my Pure Xs perfume and I just wanted another perfume but I was after something quite a lot cheaper. I saw this one and It smells really lovely it’s really sweet and it’s just such a bit of me, they had a full perfume of this so I might grab that but to be honest, I fly through perfume so the mists are probably a little more cost-effective, I actually went back and grabbed the white musk and coconut one as well which smells so lovely!.

I’m so happy with everything I picked up and I’ll definitley be grabbing some more stuff from there, I’m actually desperate for a new blending sponge so I’m hoping thy have some of those in there when I go later.

What’s the best B&M beauty find you’ve come across?

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